Tips for Hikers

Take the time to enjoy your outdoor experience. Binoculars will help you observe the plants and animals as you walk quietly along the trails. A camera will preserve memories of your visit.Carry water. Sycamore Canyon and Goodan Ranch can be very hot and dry, and there is no water available on the trails. For a full day’s hike in moderate temperatures, you might need at least one gallon of water. Do not drink from the stream.

If you are planning a longer hike, carry light trail snacks. They will help maintain your energy level.

Wear suitable clothing and footgear. Sturdy shoes and a hat are indispensable, and sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellant are highly recommended. Weather conditions can change rapidly, so be prepared for extremes.

Tell a friend or family member about your hiking plans. Be specific about your route and what time you should return. Hike with a companion.Stay on the trails. The natural resources of Sycamore Canyon and Goodan Ranch are fragile. Their survival and your safety depend on correct trail etiquette. Don’t cut switchbacks-proper trail maintenance depends on proper trail use.

Carry a first aid kit. It can make the difference between an enjoyable hike and a potentially serious situation. Sycamore Canyon and Goodan Ranch are wilderness areas. Poison oak, bees, ticks and rattlesnakes occur here naturally.

Rules and Regulations for Open Space Preserves

  • ACCIDENTS: The County of San Diego shall not be responsible for loss or accidents.
  • UNAUTHORIZED MOTOR VEHICLES: The unauthorized operation of motor vehicles is prohibited. ( Minimum fine 150.00)
  • SPEED LIMIT: 10 m.p.h. on all trails.
  • BICYCLES: Bicyclists must yield right-of-way to other users. Children are required to wear helmets.
  • LITTERING: Is prohibited.
  • DEFACEMENT PROHIBITED: No person shall remove, deface, or destroy trail markers, monuments, fences, trees, camp or picnic structures, or other preserve facilities.
  • PRESERVATION OF TRAIL FEATURES: All wildlife, plant, and geologic features are protected and are not to be damaged or removed. All historical artifacts are to be left in place.
  • HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS: No horse or other animal shall be hitched to any tree, shrub, or structure in a manner that may cause damage to preserve property. No person shall ride, drive, lead, or keep a horse, except in areas specifically designated for such use.
  • PETS: Dogs are allowed on a maximum six foot leash. Please clean up after your dog.
  • NO HUNTING: No person shall use, transport, carry, fire, or discharge any firearms, air guns, archery device, slingshot, fireworks, or explosive device of any kind in a preserve.
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: No intoxicating liquors having more than 20% alcohol by volume are permitted.
  • FIRE HAZARDS AND SMOKING: No smoking. Campfires are prohibited. Stoves allowed only in primitive group camping area.